Type-C MCU


Supporting USB PD3.0 and PPS

Supporting C4.0+, SCP, FCP and AFC protocols

Supporting BC1.2 and Apple 2.4A

Supporting multiple quick charge protocol input such as FCP and AFC

1.1    Function description

The CS32G020 Series are USB Type-C controllers launched by CHIPSEA, supporting USB Type-C and PD3.0 and applicable to fields such as AC adapter cellphone chargers, power banks, car adapters, HUB, etc. CS32G020 has a built-in ARM® Cortex™-M0 core with the max. clock rate of 48 MHz, making it competent for a wide range of industrial control applications and occasions requiring high CPU performance. It is also integrated with 64K-byte program flash, configurable-size data flash (shared with program flash), 4K-byte LDROM and 8K-byte SRAM. CS32G020 package includes QFN24 and QFN32.

1.2    Main characteristics

Type-C and USB PD supports

   l   Supporting USB PD3.0 and PPS.

   l   Configurable RP and RD at CC port.

   l   Supporting 2 Type-C ports, and allowing independent PD communication.

   l   The CC port supports 21 V voltage resistance.

   l   Integrated with 2 high-voltage (21 V) control ports.

   l   Supporting fast role swap (FRS).

Other protocols

   l   Supporting C4.0+, SCP, FCP and AFC protocols.

   l   Supporting BC1.2 and Apple 2.4A.

   l   Supporting all configuration on DP and DM.

   l   Supporting multiple quick charge protocol input such as FCP and AFC.


   l   Max. 27 universal (GPIO) pins

   l   3 × 16-bit timers, 8-bit prescaler

   l   1 set of UART

   l   1 set of SPI

   l   1 set of I2C (supporting master/slave model)

   l   2 analog comparators

   l   12 bit Analog-to-digital convertor (ADC)

   l   11-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC)

   l   Undervoltage detection (BOD)

32-bit MCU

   l   An ARM®Cortex™-M0 core, with max. clock rate of 48 MHz

   l   60K Flash ram for storing applications (APROM)

   l   Configurable data flash (Data Flash)

   l   4KB startup code space (LDROM)

   l   Built-in 8KB SRAM

   l   System startup section configurable from APROM, LDROM or SRAM

Timer and crystal oscillator

   l   24/8 MHz built-in oscillator (HSI) (25°C, 5V, 1% error) 

   l   10 KHz built-in low power oscillator (LSI)

Working modes (low power mode, multi-clock low power strategy)

   l   Normal Mode, working current 10 mA@5V, 25°C

   l   Sleep Mode, working current 2 mA@5V, 25°C

   l   Deep-Sleep1 Mode, working current 100 uA@5V, 25°C

   l   Deep-Sleep2 Mode, working current 12 uA@5V, 25°C

   l   Deep Power-Down Mode, working current 2.5 uA@5V, 25°C

Chip safety

   l   Providing multilevel secret policies for Flash Memory.

   l   Providing CRC-32 computing element with polynomial as 0x4C11DB7 (same as Ethernet standard).

   l   Integrating SRAM to support odd/even parity.

Working conditions

   l   Operating temperature: -40°C~85°C

   l   Working voltage: 2.5 V - 5.5 V


   l   QFN24

   l   QFN32

Application scope

   l   AC adapter chargers

   l   Power banks

   l   Car adapters

   l   HUB

CS32G020 DataSheet

CS32G020 DataSheet V1.5

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