Dialogue with Chairman of the Chipsea Lu Guojian | AIOT
Time:2018-02-07    From: 深圳物联网协会

As a city of science and technology and a city of innovation, Shenzhen has gathered more than 70% of China's Internet of Things industry chain, and has a number of outstanding enterprises with industrial characteristics, cutting-edge development ideas, innovative technologies and innovative applications. Recently, Shenzhen IoT Intelligent Technology Application Association, China Net·China IoT Channel and other institutions jointly planned the “Shenzhen IOT Industry Leading Brand Series High-end Interview” activity. Through on-the-spot investigation of the leading enterprises in the IoT industry, on-site dialogue with senior leaders of the company, sharing successful cases, strengthening the in-depth communication between outstanding entrepreneurs and industry platforms, fully tapping the value of the enterprise, deeply connecting the high-end resources and wisdom of the industry, and integrating the business operations of the enterprise into the development of the industrial platform.


As a leading company in the field of integrated circuits and health measurement in China, the total shipment volume of Chipsea's SOC has reached 400 million, accounting for 70% of the market share of weighing instruments (including traditional and intelligent). Why can Chipsea  become the vane of the development of intelligent body fat scale technology? How does Chipsea promote the application of IOT technology? In this regard, Lu Guojian, Chairman of Chipsea, accepted an exclusive interview with China Net·China IOT Channel.

Q:The Internet of Things is all-encompassing and used in various fields. How does Chipsea position itself and focus on which sector or field? Is it an integrated circuit and health measurement (smart home appliances)?

Lu:Around 2007, Chipsea was engagedin SOC and high-precision measurement, and has provided the industry with high-precision ADC, high-reliability/low-power MCU, mixed-signal SOC, industrial-grade high-reliability ASIC design, Force Touch solution, Type-C chip,BLE, etc., and has established a cooperative relationship with Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, Haier, Midea, TCL, Philips, Bull, Xiangshan Weighing, Lexin Medical and other well-known brand companies.

In order to comply with the wave of the IOT, we have built a one-stop solution, including smart chip, software, solutions, APP and cloud platform. Applications include smart appliances, smart health, smart terminals, and smart industrial controls.

Q:As an IoT high-tech enterprise, Chipsea both has core product for the B-end and core product for the C-end. How do different operational ideas merge, and why can the Chipsea become the vane of the development of the intelligent body fat scale technology?

Lu:The development of IOT breaks the gap between hardware enterprises and software enterprises. Hardware companies can cross-border software to develop their own APPs; software companies can cross-border to hardware and make smart products. The survival of the future enterprise must be based on providing a complete set of solutions for users.

In fact, in the field of smart health, Chipsea has integrated its MCU + Bluetooth/WiFi SOC with its high-precision lADC, and combined with algorithms and vital data models based on the optimization of big data, launched a one-stop solution, which reduces the threshold for customer product development. And further creates a smart health closed-loop service chain integrating measurement, analysis and guidance. The customers of Chipsea do not have to worry about the algorithm, as long as focus on the appearance, sales and experience of the product.

As the first eight-polar bioimpedance measurement chip in China, the CS1258 is a high-performance analog front-end (AFE) chip targeting on smart health and smart body fat scales. It supports multi-electrode, multi-frequency body impedance measurement and analysis (with an accuracy of 1%), supports phase angle measurement, respiration rate and heart rate measurement. Compared with the four-electrode body fat scale, it is equipped with BIA bioelectrical impedance analysis algorithm, 4-electrode pad +4 electrode measuring handle The eight-polar body fat scale can further accurately measure the fat content and muscle rate of multiple parts of the human body, providing 22 body data such as body weight, BMI, body fat, muscle, bone mass, moisture, basal metabolism,  protein, combined with cloud algorithms and big data analysis, provide users with guidance on healthy exercise and reasonable diet.

——About Chipsea

CHIPSEA was established in Sep. 2003, which specializing in MCU, SOC and high performance mixed signals IC design. As the state-level high-tech enterprises, the first batch of independent innovation leading enterprises and one of the fifteen key integrated circuit design enterprises, CHIPSEA is growing towards the No.1 IC design brand of China with its solid technical strength.CHIPSEA’s core technologies cover Sigma-Delta high-precision ADC, low power-consumption / high reliability MCU, mixed-signal SOC and industrial high reliability ASIC design technology. As an IC design company which leading domestic launch of one-stop solutions for IOT, CHIPSEA provides customers with one-stop service including smart IC, Bluetooth/WiFi module, smart algorithm, cloud platform and APP. The application area covers Smart Health, Smart Home, Smart Terminals, etc.