Chipsea joins Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Lighting Federation
Time:2018-08-31    From:

Recently, Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Lighting Federation held the second member meeting and the third council and held the awarding ceremony for supervisors, directors and members. At the meeting, Chipsea Tech was awarded to member units, and together with members such as OSRAM, Philips, Huawei, Infineon, Shanghai Unicom and Keda Xunfei, we are committed to promoting the development of the intelligent lighting industry.



Figure:Chipsea Tech joins Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Lighting Federation

With the influence of the IoT, smart lighting has become an inevitable trend in the future. Many traditional lighting companies are actively transforming into smart lighting. Chipsea has launched a series of intelligent lighting solutions to help lighting customers reducing the time to market of new intelligent product, and build a customized ecosystem of smart lighting.

CST92F30 and its module CSM92F30 are Chipsea's outstanding products for smart lighting. CST92F30 is a low-power BLE SoC based on the latest BLE 5.0 protocol. Its low power consumption fully meets the stringent requirements of EU EuP, ErP and ENERGY STAR.. This chip has 6 channels PWM output, which fully meets various functional requirements of the light-controlled, such as RGB color adjustment, Color temperature adjustment, brightness adjustment, etc.; it has excellent temperature characteristics, small package size, low cost, suitable for all kinds of bulbs, ceiling lamps, Chandeliers and so on, is the recommended solution for intelligent lighting control.

In addition, Chipsea is developing one-stop solution platform for intelligent lighting. The one-stop solution platform will cover as chip, module, solution and IoT cloud. It supports voice control such as Amazon, Google, and Tmall Elf, and helps customers reducing the time to market of new product.

About Chipsea

CHIPSEA was established in Sep. 2003, which specializing in MCU, SOC and high performance mixed signals IC design. As the state-level high-tech enterprises, the first batch of independent innovation leading enterprises and one of the fifteen key integrated circuit design enterprises, CHIPSEA is growing towards the No.1 IC design brand of China with its solid technical strength.CHIPSEA’s core technologies cover Sigma-Delta high-precision ADC, low power-consumption / high reliability MCU, mixed-signal SOC and industrial high reliability ASIC design technology. As an IC design company which leading domestic launch of one-stop solutions for IOT, CHIPSEA provides customers with one-stop service including smart IC, Bluetooth/WiFi module, smart algorithm, cloud platform and APP. The application area covers Smart Health, Smart Home, Smart Terminals, etc.