Chipsea's Force-Touch solution won the favor of Meizu and Xiaomi!
Time:2018-10-30    From:



On the same day, Meizu released 16X new products, and Xiaomi released the new Xiaomi 8 series! With the same choice, Chipsea's Force Touch solution is again adopted by Meizu 16X and Mi 8 screen fingerprint version. The innovative pressure sensing technology will bring the ultimate interaction experience and add to the charm of full-screen mobile phones!



The choice of benchmark mobile phone brands is derived from the superior performance and outstanding performance of Chipsea's innovative technology. As the world's first Force Touch SoC , it integrates high-precision AFE and programmable algorithm modules with ultra-low power, and it's key indicators have exceeded some international counterparts, reaching the leading level in the industry. It perfectly replaces the physical Home button , and can effectively improve the unlocking success rate of the mobile phone and give accurate tactile feedback in real time, promoting the design and user experience of the mobile phone to a new level.




The company has 15 years of experience in the design of high-performance analog-digital hybrid ICs and has outstanding performance in the field of high-precision ADC subdivision. Chipsea has always adhered to independent research and development and innovation, and has deep technical accumulation, perfect technical support and product delivery capabilities. After several years of unremitting efforts, Chipsea has applied for more than 40 patents for the mobile phone pressure sensing technology . We will continue to innovate in pressure sensitive touch field ,for a more convenient interactive experience!